Based in Cheshire, Worry Matters is a specialist clinical psychology service for children and young people experiencing worry, stress or anxiety.

If you are concerned that your child is struggling with worry, stress or anxiety, Worry Matters is here to help you. We offer prompt access to compassionate and skilled psychological care for children (from birth to 16 years of age) and their families.

How can Worry Matters help my child and family?

  • Provide support tailored to your family’s specific needs and priorities

  • Equip your child with the right tools to transform their worry, stress and anxiety

  • Offer the very highest standards of care based on scientific research

  • Deliver face-to-face or online consultations in the comfort of your own home

Trusted by families

“Our daughter now has the skills and knowledge to deal with her anxiety. The difference has been quite literally life changing.”

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Is my child’s worry normal?

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When to get help from Worry Matters

Worry Matters can be trusted to help your child if anxiety is causing them distress or limiting their life. Anxiety shows itself in many ways. For example, your child may be:

You may have noticed that you have also made changes to your own behaviour. For example, you may have:
If any of the above sounds familiar, we are pleased that you’ve found us. Getting the right specialist help for you and your child is the absolute priority. We would welcome a free telephone discussion with you to understand more about your child’s anxiety as well as your priorities for seeking support. We will do everything we can to help you feel comfortable and safe to share your concerns with us.
Equip your child with the right tools to transform their worry, stress and anxiety now, and in the future.

Where can I get help from Worry Matters?

We are based in Wilmslow, Cheshire and offer face-to-face support to families living within a five-mile radius of the town including: –

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