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At Worry Matters, we use the latest research and techniques to equip your child with the right tools to promote their:

We will teach your child the science behind why we worry, help them master skills to overcome their stress and discover their strengths and confidence in a fun and engaging way. You can read more about the therapeutic approaches we use . 

As stress, pressure and challenge are part of everyday life, these are skills that your child will use now and in the future. They will assist them in negotiating difficult relationships, managing school and career pressures and give them the confidence to excel in sport and hobbies.

Our support packages for children and young people start at £400, which would include a minimum of three 55-minute consultations.

Trusted by families

“I really benefited from going over specific worries and learning how to decrease my anxiety around “what if” situations. Thank you again for all your amazing help. I have really, really valued these sessions.”

Contact us to arrange a free, confidential, no obligation telephone discussion with our Clinical Child Psychologists