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Support Packages

We want to help you become an expert at connecting with your child, providing them with the support they need to free themselves from the grip of worry whatever their age.

There are many ways that we support parents: 

Exclusive support for you

We may work exclusively with you, offering you a one-off consultation right through to a tailored made package of appointments, guidelines and resources depending on your needs. 

Family support

We may offer you appointments alongside your child or see you altogether as a family depending on your experiences and priorities. 

Keeping you informed

If our main focus is direct psychological support with you child, we will still aim to keep you informed.  We will send regular updates to help you understand the work we are doing with your child, the progress that they are making and how you can best support this within the home. 

Our support packages for parents and families start at £200.

Trusted by families

“Alex has skillfully guided me as to how to engage in conversations with my children regarding difficult issues and she has counselled my children in a way that has seen them grow into the settled and emotionally intelligent young people they are today. These words do not come anywhere close to describing the gratitude we have for the help Alex has given to our family.”

Contact us to arrange a free, confidential, no obligation telephone discussion with our Clinical Child Psychologists