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“We will always be so grateful that we got the chance to work with Alex. She gave us the understanding, techniques and confidence to help our daughter with her anxiety. It’s difficult to put into words just how amazing it is to be able to successfully work through her fears and get her doing things we would never have thought possible even a few months ago. It’s made an incredible difference to all our lives. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alex to anyone with an anxious child.”
Assessment; Support Package for parents and families
“Alex was incredibly supportive throughout our session with her. Her extensive knowledge, coupled with her friendly disposition, put us instantly at ease – helping us to work through our concerns around our daughter. She provided practical guidance – giving us examples of how to apply best practice thinking to a variety of situations, whilst also discussing the driving forces behind our daughter’s emotions. We found the entire experience invaluable. You’d be hard pressed to find someone more empathetic, understanding and knowledgeable in her field.”
“We use the skills you taught us almost daily. I will always be so grateful for how you helped us.”
Assessment, written guidelines
“The tools you gave me have made such a difference to me and my son. Thank you for all your support”
Assessment, support for parents and families
"My now 12 year old daughter had been suffering with anxiety and panic attacks and I think it’s fair to say my husband and I had got to the point of not knowing what to do next. It was at that stage Alex was recommended to us. From the first phone call I felt at ease. Alex listens, she’s empathetic to your situation and confident in what she does. Making that call was the best thing we did for our daughter. She now has the skills and knowledge to deal with anxiety. The difference has been quite literally life changing. We wouldn’t be where we are now if it wasn’t for the support from Alex and we deeply thank her for that. We cannot recommend her enough."
Assessment, support for parents and families, written guidelines
“Dr Renshaw has over the past 4 years been an invaluable resource for my children and for me as a parent during some incredibly challenging times for us as a family. Alex has skilfully guided me as to how to engage in conversations with my children regarding difficult issues and she has counselled my children in a way that has seen them grow into the settled and emotionally intelligent young people they are today. These words do not come anywhere close to describing the gratitude we have for the help Alex has given to our family “
Assessment, support for parents and families, support for children and young people
“I don’t know where to begin. Working with you has been one of most important things we have ever done for our son. He has been totally transformed by the support he has received – his confidence, his independence, his ability to talk to us rather than exploding with anger. We can never thank you enough for everything you have done for our family.”
assessment, support for children and young people, written guidelines
“I really benefited from going over specific worries and learning how to decrease my anxiety around “what if” situations. Thank you again for all your amazing help. I have really, really valued these sessions.”
assessment, support for children and young people

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